The largest sea aquarium

in the Czech Republic

The largest sea aquarium

in the Czech Republic

For schools - knowledge and trip

As a source of knowledge, sea world is open to everyone, adults, preschoolers and school children.
At the Sea World Zoo, guided tours can be booked by appointment. This service is particularly suitable for school groups. The content is adapted to the age of the visitors and can also be focused on selected animals or selected issues related to the seas and oceans. The guide service can be booked every weekday between 8:30 and 15:00.

Group price list


TYPE OF TICKET Ticket price basic entry Group of 10-20 people Group of more than 20 people Group of over 40 people
Adult 440,- Kč 335,-Kč
Child under 15 years 280,- Kč 150,- Kč 115,-Kč Ray
155,-Kč Shark
105,-Kč Ray
135,-Kč Shark
Student 350,- Kč 150,- Kč 115,-Kč Ray
155,-Kč Shark
105,-Kč Ray
135,-Kč Shark

Teacher accompaniment free of charge - one person per 10 children.

A guide for a group of 10-20 people is available for an additional fee of 480 CZK

The Ray programme (without guide) includes entry to Sea World and the opportunity to see a natural history slide show.

The Shark programme includes entry to Sea World, a guided tour, worksheets with the assistance of a biologist and viewing a natural history slide show. For more information about these programmes, please visit our website


We offer a number of natural history films for school groups, which can be viewed during a visit to the Sea World Zoo:

1) Seals - film length 29:04
2) Mako Sharks - film length 29:07
3) Brotherhood of the Heavyweights - film length 29:23 (about walruses)
4) Blue Holes - labyrinth diving - film length 50:58 (cave diving)
5) Fluffy Fishermen of the Sea - film length 29:33 (about the conservation of river and sea otters)
6) The Ocean Voyagers - film length 29:35 (sea turtles)
7) Phantom of the Deep - film length 29:44 (sixgill shark)
8) Leopard Sharks - film length 29:54
9) The Green Recorders - film length 37:42 (Tatra Lakes - in Slovak language)

We want to visit Sea World

If you want to visit us - we will be happy, write us how many of you will be and what kind of program you would like... and we will put together a price offer.

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