The largest sea aquarium

in the Czech Republic

The largest sea aquarium

in the Czech Republic

About Sea World

Sea World’s History

The permanent Sea World exhibition was established at the Prague Exhibition Centre in 2002. Since its opening, it has been constantly evolving, adding new species and new tanks.
In 2003, the exhibition was expanded to include a coral cave, which offers an amazing view into the colourful underwater world of coral reefs. The cave is 25 m long and contains 10 atypical aquariums built into an artificial rock wall, for the production of which unique technology was imported from the USA.
In 2005, a giant reservoir was opened - the largest in the Czech Republic. It is a 100,000 litre seawater tank using 3 tonnes of sea salt. The glazed area of it forms a total of 8 m. The tank uses state-of-the-art filtration, through which 60,000 litres of water passes within 1 hour. Special lighting perfectly replaces natural sunlight and, at night, the moonlight. The total cost of the tank was 10 million CZK. Among other things, three species of sharks have found their home here.
Two new tanks were added at the end of 2006:
The first one holds 50,000 litres of water and the enormous water pressure is held by a 15 cm thick 3x6 m plexiglass sheet, which required the assistance of a crane to install. It is themed in the style of the historic ship Bounty.
The second tank has a capacity of 15,000 litres of water and is decorated with a model of a lighthouse based on an actual structure built in 1870 on Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, USA.

The cost of both tanks exceeded 20 million CZK.
Along with the tanks, the floor projection - PoolSystem - made its premiere. The tailor-made effect is projected onto the floor from a suspended data projector, where a sensor sensing the movement of visitors along the floor projection is also placed. The visitor therefore changes the projection by his or her own movement.
Although the cost of the projection was over 500,000 CZK, we decided to purchase it almost immediately after its presentation at the exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. Sea World is the only company that has this presentation installed permanently and does not use it for commercial purposes.

In 2007, Sea World was granted the status of a zoo by the Ministry of the Environment. In October 2008, a new, unique see-through tank with a capacity of 27,000 litres of fresh water was opened to visitors. Mostly fish species from South America have found a home there, such as oscars, arowanas and fruit-eating piranhas. Besides fish, the tank also hosts three species of water turtles.

In the same year, a unique mental relaxation project "Space Lagoon" was completed in cooperation with psychologist and artist Zdeněk Hajný. This unique project also includes the largest geranium in the Czech Republic weighing 250 kg. The whole space is compositionally set with precious stones - crystals, amethysts and gems. A special image placed in the centre of the composition combines images from the Hubble telescope provided by NASA and images from the deep sea together with paintings by Zdeněk Hajný. It is also possible to project several natural history images. The purpose of the project is to create a relaxing and therapeutic experience where people can use mental relaxation to restore their life energy.

The interior of Sea World is decorated with one of the largest handmade murals in Europe, measuring 2,700 m2. The authors of the paintings are members of the Union of Visual Artists - Mr. Přemysl Šmíd and Mr. Miloš Zeithammel. The painting depicts various scenes from sea life.

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